Stop the Treaties is a West Australian political party aimed at protecting citizens from Marxist inspired activism pushing for bureaucratic control over WA land and property under the guise of indigenous rights and sovereignty.

Stop the Treaties stands for a United Australia and objects to race based treaties, reconciliation politics, taxes, fees and “pay the rent” schemes paid to the corporate aboriginal industrial complex.

We will fight in state parliament to preserve cherished liberties and private property rights stopping this divide and conquer strategy for gaining control over your wealth.

The Stop the Treaties “No Means No” campaign was created to ensure that the will of the majority of West Australians who voted NO to race driven politics in the recent 2023 Voice Referendum will not be ignored.

Australia voted NO to an Indigenous Voice to Parliament! But the politicians didn't listen!

Their agenda is now being pushed by state governments with new "voices" and "treaties" that Australians don't want and didn't ask for!

But No means No! We must take this fight to the WA state legislature and we need your help with 500 member registrations to make your voice heard at the next state election!

Our Policies

Stop laws and amendments like the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021 that held WA land owners hostage.
Protect the rights of private property owners.
Prevent a state-based indigenous Voice Bureaucracy from wasting tax payer money.
Say NO to Treaties that require Australians to "Pay the Rent!"
Build a United Australia based on hard work and character!

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